Office no 2

So, here we are again. Some of you may call it ”Espresso House”, the café at Stureplan. But to us, it is ”office no 2”. Now, several good things about this office. A full working-day here, focused on this crazy-big application again, that is a reasonable efficient day. As the only people interrupting the work are those that strive to take our chairs or places, and the employees who wonder if we are in trouble at home or something after having seen us here for the whole day. Coffee is good, of course, and that is on the plus-side. And the lunch is certainly good, and most likely healthier than in most places. Eventually we will turn the application in, but I do not think I will give up office no 2 then. But rather find a new task to work with here. Life is good here, in this armchair, with the computer on my lap and a big cup of really good coffee close to my left hand.

Professor Love, making himself useful in office no 2

Skärmavbild 2017-12-20 kl. 18.09.54

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