A new project from the west

First working-day of this year finished. And how was it? Pretty nice I’d say. My old supervisor, who once trained me and introduced me to ancient DNA work 25 years ago, came by. Actually to hire one of my staff, Natalya. So now Natalya is officially working under Norwegian supervision, and Oslo is a stakeholder in what we are doing. This is actually a thing we have been talking about for some time, me and Per. I find Per really enjoyable and fun to work with, and a good way for us to join forces while Per would still be in charge of his own stuff is for him to hire someone from my group, to work with his stuff on his budget in my laboratory. Thus, 2018 started with Per Persson, Natalya Kashuba, and Mikael Manninen initiating an interesting Norwegian project as yet an activity in the Stockholm-laboratory. It is a good start of 2018.

Natalya, Per, and Mikael, plotting for the take-over of the Stockholm-lab