”Real life, happens on TV”

A Swedish university, and the people working on it, is expected to fulfil three tasks. Education, research, and the last one is popular science, or simply informing the general public what we are up to and what we have discovered. Popularisation is thus important, and during Christmas we saw an excellent example of it on Swedish television. Mikael Agaton produced a three-piece series focusing on late iron age in Scandinavia, and including other geographical areas and earlier times to better explain the period and area of focus. Jonathan Lindström was really good at leading the show, and the expert-team with Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, Anna Kjellström, and Torun Zachrisson were at their best, and there really could not have been a better expert team for this particular series.


This series is extra interesting to us in the ATLAS project. Because it is heavily ATLAS supported. The whole external expert team were ATLAS employed when the production started, and most of them still are. And several of the additional voices we hear are also from ATLAS. Actually, much of what is discussed relates directly to research we are doing. Thus, this three-piece TV series is something that brings a lot of pride to us in the ATLAS project, it confirms that we work with some very good people, and that we are doing pretty interesting stuff.

Jonathan, Torun, Anna, and Charlotte, who entertained us with proper research this past Christmas

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