”You’ve been in my life so long, I can’t remember anything else.”

So, finally, we publish the story on how Scandinavia was colonised. And this is a weird feeling. This Scandinavian study actually started seven years ago, before I even moved to Stockholm. When I got the first samples from Hummerviskholmen. Hence the quote from Ripley above. But obviously it has intensified over the years. And we are many who have been involved. But as usual, someone is coordinating and investing more time and effort into the study, and this time it was really Torsten Günther, Helena Malmström, Emma Svensson, and Ayca Omrak that in different ways steered this piece, with all of us on board, to it´s final publication.


So what is the main story then? It is that Scandinavia was colonized from two directions at the same time. Or almost. The migrants from southwest were likely a little bit earlier than the migrants from the northeast (or actually from the east but coming in over northern Scandinavia). This is the main story, and a picante example of early cultural contacts gone horribly wrong would be the individual from Stora Bjärs with mainly western genetics but an eastern arrow-head imbedded in the pelvis. But beside the colonisation story you will also be able to read about selection and meet one of the deepest sequenced individuals from our prehistory. So, my friends, enjoy the latest ATLAS paper.

The individual from Stora Bjärs, with western genetics but pierced by an eastern arrow.