Strategies for applying to EU

As I am writing an EU application together with Mehmet and Fusun at METU in Ankara, I am really proud to say that this time we really started writing it in time. We were on it like almost four months before the submission deadline. That is really great, right? Or rather, that could have been great. Cuase starting in time is not super-helpful if that is all you do. Now here we are again, a week ahead of submission, and all though we started in time, sadly all work still remains.


But with a few good writers and some around-the-clock work it is not really a problem. Except for the partners. As an EU application usually includes partners and collaborators etc from around Eurasia, one has to have a strategy to involve those. A great strategy would have been to contact everybody about different things and needs those four months in advance. But that ship kind of sailed several months ago. Now we are working after another strategy. The kind of strategy where we agree that: “he/she is a good enough friend just to be a little upset that we ask him/her a week before deadline, but he/she is likely to deliver a supporting letter and get involved”. It is a good strategy to use once or twice, but sadly it cannot be used too often. But if I stretch it, and if luck is on my side, I can probably use this strategy at least once more 2018.

Shipping visible by Istanbul while flying in

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