A day with the museums

Today The Museum of World Culture, and of course including The Medelhavsmuseet (I think that actually is the English name, although the correct translation would be The Mediterranean Museum), The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, and The Museum of Ethnography visited us. And this is important. The museums are important. They are specialized in communicating research to the general public. Thus, if we want a dynamic and vibrant discussion among a larger audience on the kind of research we are conducting, the best way to get it is through the museums.


It was a full-day meeting where all three of us ATLAS PIs (me, Mattias Jakobsson, Jan Storå) presented results and ideas, and representatives for the different museums made comments and asked questions. Questions and comments about keeping exhibitions updated, about who had the right to control samples, about who could claim remains, about the breaking-point when it is not worth destroying a sample for a scientific analysis, and about how samples made it in to various studies. It was a good day. The museums are a source of consultation that we want to keep close to our work.

Jan describes how the last decade has taken him deep into aDNA

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