Writing in Texas

The beauty of going away to work is that it becomes so concentrated. I have written previously about various writing sessions and other concentrated work-meetings. And now I have experienced it again. If something really needs to get done, there is no better alternative than to exit the world for a few days to a place where no one expects you to go. Three days have I spent in Texas with Anna Linderholm, and we did get both a first draft of a manuscript we wanted to write ready for circulation, plus we managed to submit a minor application. Of course, the only parts I got to see of Texas was Anna’s office, Anna’s house, a few diners and restaurants, and the neighbourhood I went morning-running through. But as for work, I did get everything done I came here to do, and even some more. It may cost a few dollars with tickets and stuff, but the production is always unparalleled on these work-trips.

One of the few places I got to see outside Annas office, an excellent diner