“Looks like we’re in for nasty weather”

There is a storm coming in over us as we are trying to make it back to the main land. I hope that it is not a climatic metaphor. We have now used the latest four days to take our application to an almost submittable status. The grant-application that started as an idea late one night at Nötholmen, and was formalized during two different work-day’s at Espressohous is now a almost complete major research-application. Is it any good? Is it going to get granted? I don’t know, but it is new, it is outside-the-box, I think it is fun, and it is different from what I have been doing so far.

Love writing away


I also think this is the best way to produce a top-quality application, or any good text for that matter. If you can sit together for enough time and write it up, and have more than one pair of eyes to view every part of it while it is being produced, being able to discuss it in real time. That beats exchanging it over email. And it is always visible in the end result.