Of applications & other drugs

I have come to realize that writing an application is much like getting into heavy drug-addiction. It starts out as a thought, an intellectual experiment. Could be anywhere, in this case on an island in the vicinity of Stockholm. You try the idea, perhaps with a friend in a discussion, and it is good. It feels good. The morning after you remember the idea as a good thing, and soon you plan days and places where you can turn the idea into an application without anything coming between you and the idea, perhaps at Espressohouse on Stureplan. After some time, the idea has turned into the embryo of an application, and you realize that you need to spend more time with it, you want to spend more time with it, all your time. So you go off to a house far out in the countryside with a friend who is as addicted to the application as you are. There you can spend all 24 hours every day with the application, and nobody will interfere. As the deadline approach everything else fades away. You don’t need to eat anymore, or sleep, don’t need to reason with anyone. To quote Trainspoting: “Who needs reasons when you’ve got hero..”, I mean, applications. Somebody actually tried to break in to my friend’s house the last day of writing, but hey, what did it matter, we had the application.

Isolated with your application


I’m flipping through the Yellow Pages. I have realized that I need to get off this somehow before it is too late. I’m sure there is professional help, that is what I need to get my life back. Or perhaps I will just write one more application, for that deadline two weeks away. I can quit later, I’m on top of this, I can quit when I want to…