”And the rhythms of my hometown”


My hometown Kalmar is not among the largest in Sweden, but it is one of the places I like the most. And it hosts The Linnaeus University, where I collaborate with Michael Lindberg on some metagenomic stuff. There are so many benefits with this collaboration. It is an interesting project with new techniques I have not used previously (metagenomics and microbiomics), it is fun to hang around with Michael, and I have a legal reason to frequent my hometown. So when Michael asked if I could do a presentation in Kalmar next Friday, I considered it of a millisecond (or shorter) before I said yes (and checked my calendar if there was something there I would have to come up with a good excuse to slip out of).


We are now transforming our ideas into applications, and if everything goes well, I will have good excuses to go to Kalmar. Often. For several years. That will be nice. But that is not what the lecture is going to be about, that one is on the stuff we have done recently and are doing now.

Last time I lectured in Kalmar