Filling in crazy web-pages


It is harvest-time, both within the ATLAS and within the 1000 Ancient Genomes. And harvest-time means writing and submitting research-reports. It is cool to be in the middle of it, and see, and feel, how it is boiling and cooking all through the projects. Last week we had two submissions, and we are in the middle of one right now. It is actually interesting how you can be in the middle of a submission. Back when I started my Ph.D. a submission equaled putting your manuscript in an envelope, stamp it, and send it off. Not much to be in the middle of back then. These days it equals spending between two hours and three days on a web-site, and in worst case continuous contacts with help-desk.

The more prominent a journal is, the more complex the submission web-site is. The more tabs it has that needs to be filled in. It is a little bit like the phones in the former Soviet Union during the cold war. The more important someone was, the more phones he / she had on his / her desk. A sufficiently prominent journal will have enough tabs and pages to fill in about you, your co-authors, the study, preferred reviewers, excluded reviewers, and basically anything you can think of to drive you insane. And maybe this is actually the first filter. You must believe in your own study, really trust that it is worth of all this web-hussle so that a lot of people can read it.

Back in the envelope days