An entertaining dinner


A good place to have a traditional dinner in Stockholm is Slingerbulten in Gamla Stan. And a good reason to go and have dinner there is if there is a faculty opponent invited that needs to be fed. But to have a faculty opponent, one needs a graduating Ph.D. student. Luckily, my friend Love at the Natural History Museum has such in Patricia Pecnerova. Patricia is a very competent Ph.D. student (and in 24 hours I’ll most likely be able to say that she was a very competent Ph.D. student), and such needs a competent faculty opponent. Why we had the pleasure to have dinner with professor Mark Thomas from UCL at Slingerbulten tonight.


But before the dinner, Mark gave a presentation on his work. With his roots in ancient DNA and mammoth research a long time ago, he has moved on over human Y chromosomes and human adaptation visible in certain mutations (not least the mutations behind lactase persistence, the possibility to consume unprocessed milk at adulthood) to cultural evolution and mobility. Subjects he studies mainly with simulative tools and empirical observations. So not only did I get to enjoy an entertaining dinner tonight, I also had the pleasure of attending a really interesting seminar. And I’m looking forward to an exciting Ph.D. defense tomorrow (at 10.00 in the morning at SU) where the involved agents (Patricia and Mark) are scientists I think highly of.

Mark Thomas giving a seminar