A day at Malmö museum

These are great days, and mainly because of one thing. I got my computer back! For a few weeks I have worked on secondary stuff while my MacBook has been fixed, but now I am all up to speed again and can write and read without any major risk for the screen turning black. And I can assure you, working on secondary computers leading to the screen turning black, for example during an on-line TV interview (just to mention an example, any example…) is no fun.


And the first day with my new-old computer was on a meeting in Malmö (southern Sweden) with some of the museums we work with. A good place to go digital again. The museums are most likely the best partners there are for a deeper popular discussion on the research we produce. Press-releases and TV interviews are short and only allows for punchlines. Admittedly, the museums have a smaller audience than the large newspapers, but they do allow for a more complete description on what we do, and their engagement lasts longer than one or two days. That is why we try to participate as often as we can when museums request our presence.

Presenting at a museum-meeting