Paleoecology, genetics and human prehistory, PGH

We have also had a few days at Office no 2 during my non-digital weeks. Not least to work out the next aDNA course, or actually, Paleoecology, genetics and human prehistory as it is called this year. PGH. This year it is provided by the biology-section at Stockholm University. And how do one prepare a course like that? One way is to read up on the different subjects and prepare lectures for all those hours. Economic, conventional, and probably good for you to get a chance to orientate yourself about everything that has happened in the field.


So instead we started to call around to our friends. “Mark, wouldn’t it be fun to come up here and give a lecture on culture evolution?”, and “Charlotte, here is a great opportunity for you to present your views on the Viking expansion to a set of students”, and “Pontus, you should pop by sometime so we can have a chat, and by the way, while you are here why don’t you talk to the students about how you view the Neolithisation?”. And it seems to work, the lectures are filling up with the names of various friends. The draw-back is of course that when the schedule is fixed we will owe a lot of colleagues out there a lot of favours…

Love at office no 2 working the course