It is not the having, it is the getting

When I grew up, I had a poster on my wall where the cat Garfield was catching mice’s while saying; “It is not the having, it is the getting”. It had some truth to it back then I thought. Fast forward 30 years and I and Mattias Jakobosson managed to get financial support from SciLife laboratories to set up an ancient DNA service facility. It was a fun and challenging task to get the support, but when we got what we needed, yea, you get the picture…


But us having our hands full with research may actually have cooked down to a good thing. Thus, there is one ready-built laboratory for aDNA service work in Uppsala, money for building yet one in Stockholm (and to be fair, it has not taken time only because we are doing various research things, but more because we are trying to figure out if the aDNA laboratory in Stockholm should remain where, and as is, if it should expand, or even move to another part of campus, and the new facility needs to be where the research facility is), and money to hire personnel. So, here is the call, who wants to basically sit down to a ready-set table and start to develop and organize an ancient DNA service facility?

I had the poster version


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