Planes, trains, but no automobiles

There are occasions when the best travelling-combination is planes and trains. Actually, one very specific situation. And this is when Tom Gilbert asks me to examine one of his students in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is about five hours away from Stockholm with train, and maybe one with a flight. By now I know that I am always late with everything, including things I promise to do for Tom. I wish I could say that I’m always doing everything in good time, and I could actually say that, but then I’d be lying like a race-horse is running. Thus, if I go to Copenhagen using a train, at least I know that I have those five hours, on the train, to work. And although five hours may not be enough to read up on a full thesis, it is a good period of time to finish such reading and work out relevant questions.


This time it was Inge Kristine Conrad Lundstrøm. A Ph.D. student when I arrived in Copenhagen, and a Ph.D. when I left (well, I guess some formality-things with paperwork remained, but soon-to-be Ph.D.). Her thesis was about what genetic consequences the medieval black-death outbreak had on the population living in Trondheim, and a quit interesting thesis it was. The conclusion was that the societal crash caused by the plague brought with it less mobility and thus less genomic variation, and also some selection on some specific genes. Matthew Collins naturally did a great job chairing the exam-committee, and the committee was made up by me, Matthew, and Ross Barnett. Thus, not only was it really interesting to read Inge’s thesis, but it was also good to get a chance to catch up with Matthew and Tom and meet Ross again. And now for me going back home to Stockholm, I don’t need no five hours to finish something, so going back I’ll just catch a flight from Kastrup.

Me, Ross, Tom, and Inge, sometimes I wish that I´d take that hair-brush-thing more seriously… Thanx for the pic Matthew.

Skärmavbild 2018-03-08 kl. 08.39.32