”We must say Adios! until we see Portalón once again”

Today we publish our results about the neolithization of Iberia in PNAS. I have been working in that region for closer to two than one decades, and mostly with material from the Portalón. The material from there is beautifully preserved and has yielded several papers. There is Portalón material in this one as well, and also material from other sites. And it shows that Iberia was neolithizised via a direct costal rout from the Near East, not through central Europe. I think it is a rather neat piece of work that shows that the geneflow connected to the European neolithization was a diverse one, happening in different ways.


We are many authors on this one. As usual, each and everyone on the list has participated. But also as usual, there are people who have driven this paper and invested much more time and effort in it. This time it is Cristina Valdiosera and Torsten Günther, they have lifted much more weight than anybody else here. Actually, the two of them have a rather nice collaboration on the Iberian stone age. Well, I hope you enjoy this latest piece from our workshop.

Cris and Torsten, the architects behind the paper

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