Pastries and a transatlantic visit

There were several good things this morning. One of them was the pastries I brought to work, such stuff is always good, any time of the day. But even better were those who helped me eat it, Anna Linderholm from Texas A&M, Hans Linderholm from GU, and Mattias Jakobsson from UU. Pastries are good, but having it in good company is even better.


And best is of course if it all comes with a discussion on a research project. Hans and Anna are running a FORMAS project focused on climate and health, and including some genetics. This is where I and Mattias comes in. We have been stuffing our (and our team members) computers with genetic data for some years now (it is amazing that none of them have exploded yet). Over the next few years we will see if Anna and Hans can find something interesting in any of them.

Anna and Hans, visiting this morning

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