A research group is a plastic thing. If it is successful, it will remain for some time, but people will move in and out of it. The latest change to our group is Torun Zachrisson leaving us, while Emrah Kirdök has joined us instead. Torun is an extraordinary Iron Age archaeologist. Sometimes I get the feeling that it is not only not worth knowing what Torun does not know about the Iron Age in northern Europe, there is simply nothing more to know that Torun does not know about this topic. She has moved to Upplandsmuseet where she is now research manager. The reason why I hope not to miss her too much is that there are still much we need to collaborate on, at least in the near future, so she has not totally left us just yet. Emrah is a young bioinformatician with a focus on ancient metagenomics on ancient DNA. Originally from Istanbul and starting a postdoc here now. And I am quit excited to see what he can do with our data. So, good luck in the future Torun, and welcome Emrah.

Torun and Emrah

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