Of goblins and other superstitious elements

I have been getting some mails and messages from various creationists lately. Creationism is something I am soo not interested in. I admire Richard Dawkins work, I enjoy reading his books and watching stuff him and his colleagues have on Youtube and other places. And I also recognize the importance of doing the work they are doing. But that is not what I am trained or hired to do. I am hired to do science, to describe the reality, and find out things we previously did not know about it. So I’m sticking to that.


I respect people’s right to believe in whatever they want to believe in, but if you ask me to respect a religion, the answer is simply no. I will respect your right to believing in any religion, but beyond the silver screen (I do not mind superstitious entertainment), superstition is not my cup of tea. Feel free to argue that gods and goblins and other superstitious entities exist, but not with me. I have only got a limited amount of time in this word, and I’m not going to spend it on superstitious things I find uninteresting. Completing our latest study, even if this is a minor one, that is interesting to me, why I will spend much of the evening on that.

Superstition is fun, but only on the silver screen