A year later

A larger, or competitive study in the making is usually difficult to talk about. There are several authors with different visons and views on what is public and what is not. And the better scientific journals (not only the absolute top-journals, but most of them) wants material that has not been presented previously. Why most studies, including ours, are talked about only after publication (or after depositing on bioRxiv). Thus, we can rarely talk about what we are in the middle of, at least not describe it in detail.


However, there is a smaller study we are doing, one that I enjoy and that I keep describing. I figure that it cannot be any harm in talking about this one. It is a nice little study even if it is not going to change the world, and it is very specific so I cannot think of any reason why it would hurt to describe what is going on with it, why I have posted updates on it here occasionally. It is about three possible war prisoners in Sala silver mine >400 years ago studied with isotopes and low-coverage genomes. We started to write it a little bit more than a year ago, it has been written, submitted, rejected, reworked, submitted again to a new journal, rejected with an invitation for resubmission, and now it has been revised (Maja has put in much work here). A little more than a year after we sat down and wrote the first part of it is it to be resubmitted again. Let’s see if it gets accepted or rejected this time, but this is a normal time schedule for an article that is proceeding well, very rarely does it take less than a year to go from an empty sheet of paper to a manuscript accepted for publication.

Sala Silvergruva, visit it if you are in the area