Paleoecology, genetics and human prehistory

The application deadline for this course is the 16th of April. If you are in the Stockholm-region and have a special place in your heart for ancient DNA, or if you are really really in to the discipline and can figure out a way to spend part of the autumn in Stockholm, then check out the criteria’s and consider taking it. We have managed to get quite a few of the heavy-weighters to come and lecture. Tom Gilbert will lecture, as will Ludovic Orlando, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, Mattias Jakobsson, Helena Malmström, Greger Larson, Mehmet Somel, Mark Thomas, Torsten Günther, Pontus Skoglund, Martin Sikora, and several others. If you are in to ancient DNA, this is just a really nice opportunity to learn more about the field. The course is open for master students as well as for Ph.D. students.

Mark Thomas, who is one of the lecturers