Paleoecology, genetics, and human prehistory, and human evolution and genetics

I have previously drawn your attention to the course we are hosting (well, biology at SU is hosting) on paleoecology, genetics, and human prehistory (apply here). This course is much about the latest few hundred thousands of years, and how we use genetics and other molecular techniques to approach questions concerning humans, other mammals, and ecosystems. And I think that this course will be especially exciting this year since we have managed to get so many international experts to lecture on it. But there is also a course in Uppsala, that is solely focused on human evolution and genetics, and hosted by Mattias Jakobssons department which is pretty good at this. If your main interest keeps within the human boundaries, and the evolutionary part of it, and how the latest advances in genetics is used to study this, you may want to take a closer look at this course.

Our course is not the only one

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