Terror on Öland

Sandbyborg is not our project, but one we work closely with. Sandbyborg was a fortified village on the Baltic island Öland. The present project is carried out under the hypothesis that it was inhabited, at least partly, by returning Scandinavians who had served in the Roman army. The excavational results tells a gruesome and violent story. It appears as if a well-planned massacre was carried out on the inhabitants during the late 5th century. The human remains indicate that they were killed and left untouched as they fell. The village appears never to have been plundered after the massacre. Today the researchers behind the project publishes their results in Antiquity (no DNA in the publication, but eventually we will get there too). This is an interesting and important project today, but what we are investigating is nothing less than a catastrophe, showing what people are prepared to do to each other when they are at their worst.

House 4 in Sandbyborg