New members

After some refreshing days on a Scottish vacation it is good to be back at work. Both for body and soul (and liver). And especially since there are new team-members. But they should not be strangers to anyone in the field. Taking in these two is not much of a gamble since both of them have proven themselves really good scientists before they joined our arcaheogenetic group.


Dalia Pokutta has already been working in Sweden for some time. First in Gothenburg and later in Stockholm. Her speciality is stable isotopes, but she also brings with her an impressive competence in archaeology and such is always welcome. So when she was saying: “Hey, you’ve got anything going? Could be interesting to work with you guys for a while”, I just grabbed the opportunity before she had a chance to change her mind. And equal for David Diez, who has already proven his competence in aDNA population genomics. When he mentioned “I have like almost a year that I can do something fun with before I enter my next project”. Before he had a chance to change his mind he was sitting in the office with Maja and Ricardo. Welcome Dalia and David.

Dalia and David, now team-members

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