The peculiar case of Achilles and the tortoise

Some 2400 years ago Zeno described the problems Achilles had to outrun a tortoise. Since the tortoise was slower than Achilles it was allowed a 100m head start. And when Achilles had reach 100m, the tortoise had run 10m, and when Achilles had reached 110m, the tortoise had run 11m (thus, still one meter ahead of Achilles). You know the story, Achilles was never able to pass the tortoise although he was getting closer and closer.


We have a similar situation with a manuscript now. It was submitted and came back with the request for major changes. It was re-submitted and came back with request for minor changes. It will soon be resubmitted again, and likely come back with a request for micro changes. This one is getting closer and closer, but is it actually going to go all the way? I have faith, I have faith in Achilles and I have faith in our manuscript.

Achilles was never able to catch up