More work on the course

Wednesdays are good days to spend in Office 2. Actually, most days are good days both for Office 1 and Office 2. But today I had scheduled for Office 2 and some course work. And although we ended up working on other pressing issues, we did at least get a little bit of course-work done.


Now the course is open for Ph.D. students. Thus, if you are in the Lake Mälaren valley in September and October, and you are interested in ancient DNA, palaeoecology, and archaeogenetics, and you are a Ph.D. student (many “if”), then you have a chance to hear some of the real heavy-weighters in the field talk about their specialities. Here you can find more information on who is lecturing, and how to sign up.

Palaeoecology, Genetics and Human Prehistory (1-7 hp)

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