Life without palaeo-eskimos

Studies come and go. And then there are some that stays for a longer time. And sometimes there is a case of one that has been with you for a very long time. For me this is the palaeo-eskimos. They have been with me since I started in this field. And strangely, since I sampled the first of them, I have thought that the study would be submitted in less than a year. I have thought that for over 20 years now.


But times are a change, and now there are new forces on board (since 10 years or so). Anna Linderholm is also working the palaeo-eskimoes. And Maja Krzewinska joined too, but only a few years ago. And Anna and Maja are really pushing it. They don’t seem to be happy with the concept of another 20 years. They want to finish and publish the stuff. Me, I keep wondering what my life will be like without the palaeo-eskimos.

Anna wants to finish the work in less than 20 years