Liquorish and teenagers

When we started the ATLAS-work, there were a few specific studies we had in mind, and we also expected more to emerge as we went along. But there are two that has been with us more or less since we started. And that has consumed much attention. The study on mesolithics in Scandinavia was one of them. The other one got accepted for publication too the other day. And how best to celebrate that in a way that don’t get you heavily intoxicated during work-hours? I went for liquorish, the most noble form of candy.


Every study that we do does not take four years. Already this year we have published stuff we started on after these two ATLAS-cornerstones, and also finished before them. Those smaller once comes and goes. But them larger once make an imprint. A little bit like a child actually. In the beginning it is all cute and cuddly, and later there are a bunch of problems, teenage problems, until the thing moves out and starts to live its own life. But even after that you keep thinking of it at least a little bit.

Liquorish, a good way to celebrate