Who is the father?

”READ values suggests that the older woman in this grave is related to the infant in this grave on a second-degree basis. Given the mitochondria and the datings it must be a grandma – grandson relation.”. Maja and David have spent a few days in Poznan with Anna Juras and Maciej Chyleński, working on the internal family-relations on a cemetery. I have sang the praise of READ several times here, and it is pretty cool to see the kin-relations clear up on a cemetery one by one.


It takes time for a study to reach publication. Right now much of our demographic work we did a year or two ago is getting published. But I hope that our READ-work soon will hit the journals too. Since I started in this trade I have been asked by archaeologists to look at close kinship on specific sites, and now after 25 years, it is immensely cool to watch a cemetery resolve into kin-relations.

Resolving a kin

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