Summertime is visitortime

Science is fun on so many levels. One is that it brings people together, people that would not meet otherwise. And actually, a wise table-tennis coach (Nisse Sandberg) once told me that the best peace-work is to get people from different parts of the world to know each other personally. These days we have visitors from Kazakhstan. Maxat Zhabagin (from the National Center for Biotechnology of Astana) and Kamila Issabayeva (from Nazarbayev University) are visiting us. Maxat is setting up an ancient DNA facility at home, and are checking out if there are any techniques or protocols here in Stockholm that they can use as inspiration for their work at home.

It is obviously good with a new aDNA facility in Kazakhstan. But it is also good that Kamila and Natalya will be running hundreds and hundreds of samples in the process of getting inspiration for the work in the new facility. And who knows, maybe there is an interesting project somewhere down the line where Stockholm University, the National Center for Biotechnology of Astana and Nazarbayev University can join forces? Or actually, let me re-phrase that. I’m certain that there will be several interesting joint projects in the future between these research units.

Lunch with Kamila, Maxat, and Natalya