Elsevier, Open Access, and the support Stockholm University provides

Stockholm University (SU) no longer have access to publications from Elsevier. According to SU, the amount of money Elsevier demanded reached an unsustainable level. It will of course be annoying not to have instant access to the latest publications, but I fully support SUs decision (or actually the Swedish libraries, including Stockholm University). Our deal as paper producers for scientific journals is constantly getting worse. Not only do we give away all rights to our papers when we publish them, we usually have to pay a lot for doing it. While journalists and popular writers get payed to write for their papers, we have to pay to write for our journals. And on top of that the subscription fee is just going up.


By not subscribing to Elsevier, SU saves a lot of money. Our university is now using those funds to help their scientist to publish in Open Access (OA) journals. That is good too. I have often complained about the extra costs brought on us when it is demanded that we publish OA. With such demand there should be funding’s covering the extra costs. And now SU is doing just that, supporting us researchers in OA publishing.

Open Access publishing is expensive



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