Returning to Hague

With vacation over some three weeks ago, it was 200km/h from the first hour in the office. One of the many things moving now is CPG. Over the latest weeks we have had architects checking our equipment and preparing for adapting the laboratories, and Malin Cederth Wahlström is now on board with the task of making CPG happen as fast as realistically possible (welcome Malin).


In the CPG-batch of after-the-vacation-things was a new trip to Hague, to ICMP. That laboratory is designed to be efficient, safe, and totally reliable. It is there to provide the most reliable data on degraded human material for some of the most sensitive war-crime cases there are. Thus, it is a good place to get inspiration for ancient DNA organisation. And with this final inspiration-trip we are ready to actually get our new laboratories built and prepared for our activities.