The Age of Humans in Europe

The Age of Humans in Europe is the name of a symposium I and Mattias Jakobsson are behind, and which Wenner-Gren is generously supporting. And especially Maria Helgöstam has been lifting a lot of weight to make it happen. Merging archaeology and genetics into a fertile sub-discipline has been something I have been working with for as long as I have been in science, and meetings of this kind are certainly crucial to this cross-disciplinary marriage.


The Red Thread here is prehistoric events and processes that has left a mark in the present day European genepool. And with this setting the boundaries, we have been able to get a lot into the symposium. We will get to hear about pre-sapiens humans from Juan Luis Arsuaga and Svante Pääbo, about plagues from Johannes Krause, about Vikings and Iron Age mobility from Neil Price and Torun Zachrisson, while Eske Willerslev will take us through Bronze Age gene-flow, and Mark Thomas will remind us not to over-interpret our data. And much more. These days has some potential to be really interesting.

Mark Thomas presenting in Stockholm