Class of some time ago

I will not deny that this feels like big class reunion. There is Mark Thomas who examined my thesis a long time ago, there is Eske Willerslev with whom I did several studies in the early days of Next Generation Sequencing, there is Matthew Collins who was an important part in the production of the LeCHE application, there is Juan Luis Arsuaga, my old boss, there is Richard Evershed who once taught me how to write grant applications, and there are so many more people with whom I interacted throughout the years.


But apart from all the old acquaintances (which were amazing in a personal way), this was not a bad day. Svante Pääbo initiated it with a historical overview of his Neandertal Genomic research, and Juan Luis Arsuaga filled in with other archaic hominins. Shellby Putt gave us a taste of their cognitive ability. And then we moved on to the Mesolithic, the Neolithic, and the Bronze Age, where Torsten Günther, Mehmet Somel, Peter Rowly Conwy, and Eske Willerslev guided us through the chronology. And finally Elizabeth Jones provided a view on how we interact with media. It was a good day, the first day of the Wenner-Gren symposium was certainly a good day.

Me and Mehmet Somel over a cup of coffee