A good few days came to an end

Mark Thomas ended the symposium with a healthy spoon of critics. Not so much on what we do, but more on the ways we let it filter out to the general public. It has indeed been a good few days. With descriptions of demography and chronologies, with descriptions on selection and chronologies, and with descriptions on how we study it all.


Two years from now I will certainly remember these days as interesting and pleasant. But what I hope to see, what I really hope to see two years from now is one or a few good publications on ideas and projects that started during these days. Here were academians from a range of different sub-disciplines, and already the first evening I heard two participants, who met each other for the first time that night, drawing up the basics for a joint research-project. And me, what did I end up with? Well, as Mehmet Somel was here I was naturally signed up for some obscenely long ultra-marathon in the Turkish mountains two months from now. I am getting used to that happening whenever he is a part of some genetic event I am participating in.

Mark Thomas, getting ready to finish the meeting