Paleoecology, genetics and human prehistory

I had the pleasure of giving the first lecture on the PGHP course today. And since Love Dalén, who is the signing organiser this year, is off somewhere in Siberia looking for funky extinct animals, I could focus it all on archaeology! Of course, the topics were such as coverage, NGS, fragment-size, and degradation, but I did not hesitate to wash it all through the marvels of past human societies.


But it seems like a good crowd this year, a few master-students and more Ph.D. students. And it is not a bad set of lecturers they will have; Dalia Pokutta, Tom Higham, Mehmet Somel, Ian Barnes, Mark Thomas, Pontus Skoglund, and Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson to mention a few (the rest of the names are not less impressive, but name-dropping only becomes efficient if you drop at the most 6-7 names…). I’m looking forward to yet an opportunity to listen in to much of the ancient genomic work that goes on around in the world the coming weeks.

A slide from todays lecture, DNA is like ice cream

Skärmavbild 2018-09-03 kl. 14.41.58