The Sachsensymposion and ancient DNA

These days the Sachsensymposion is visiting Stockholm. It is an amazing amount of competence on the latter parts of the Iron Age that is gathered in this group, and they will dig into different aspects of the period over the next few days. But it is not the first time they are in this part of the world. In 1998 they visited Uppsala (the cover photo), and as I recall it, there was an extension to that visit where some of the participants spent some extra time in the region, listening in to us Ph.D. students in the SIV project presenting our projects. I was both amazed and jealous at one of the more extra-prominent archaeologists, taking a nap in the front row when I was presenting, and still able to wake up and ask two or three very relevant questions when I was done. I always wondered what powers he possessed to be able to do that.


But it is truly an amazing level of competence on the Iron Age within this group. We, that is I, Mattias Jakobsson, and Janne Storå, were invited to give a work-shop on ancient DNA before the proper meeting started. We could each give a 30-min description on how we work, and after we could participate in, and listen in to a discussion on various thoughts on our kind of work. This is naturally the perfect forum to discuss how genetics and archaeology can enrich each other. We did get a lot back from this work-shop, many thoughts to work in-to our way of researching and presenting topics. And I also hope that the Sachsensymposion got something out of the work-shop too.

Janne preparing to present at Sachsensymposion



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