CPG, next year will soon be now

The Center for Palaeogenetics is something that has been happening for some time now. When I look at the documentation, I note that we had the first meeting where I and Love Dalén suggested the concept to our departments and organizations about one and a half years ago. As it is a new type of collaboration in Sweden between two different organizations, there were several issues to solve. And it was only possible because all parts involved (that is me, Love, the Swedish Natural History Museum, NRM, and Stockholm University, SU) were super enthusiastic about it. It is really nice to deal with details on the drawings and discuss very practical matters now, we will move in to CPG 2019.


Then what is CPG? It is a joint facility, owned by NRM and SU, located among the other laboratories and white activities, and hosted by the department of Archaeology and Classic Studies at Stockholm University. A facility any department at SU and NRM may locate research-groups to. The laboratory part will be some 250m2, and the offices will also be about 250m2, and an additional 250m2 for meeting-rooms, lunch-rooms, and student-workplaces. Among the rooms included in the lab-area are a sampling-room, a wet-lab room, a room for semi-ancient DNA, and a room for bone-preping. And outside the airlock, a facility for modern DNA and for post-PCR work. And with SciLife labs on campus Solna, the DNA sequencing will be done less than 15 min biking-distance away. We have calculated enough space for 3-5 PIs with research-groups, so when Love and I move in there will still be plenty of space for 1-3 additional PIs with interesting ideas and fun projects, in silico or lab-rats, just as long as it concerns ancient DNA.