Ancient DNA and the trail

The PGHP course is proceeding and the coming week is one that will see several internationals lecture. Tom Higham, Mehmet Somel, and Ian Barnes will all be up in front of the class. Tom will lecture on dating methods, and as ancient DNA only becomes meaningful when the time-dimension is used, he has been involved in several of the noticed ancient DNA papers. Mehmet will give an introduction to genetics. He never intended to get in to ancient DNA, but as his expertise, that is big-data handling, is highly sought after, he has been involved in some of the latter key-studies on the Neolithization. And Ian Barnes hardly needs an introduction, he has been involved in every kind of ancient DNA study there is over the years. Add Sam Tuvey on the late Quarternary megafauna (who could do it better?) and Love Dalén on phylogeography, and the potential for the week looks quit promising. Most interesting though, we got some of these guys to sign up for Lidingöloppet. Thus, we know that they perform top-quality research, now lets’ see how they preform on the trail!

Mehmet Somel, soon in Stockholm to teach and run