The first application-results came from EMBO

Autumn is the time of the year when several funding-bodies reports back on whether they will grant your application or not. Thus, it is a season of excitement. And it started out good for us. The first one to report back was EMBO, and their fellowship-organization. Reyhan Yaka, from METU in Ankara, applied to come and visit and work with us over the winter. And a good application she wrote as she was granted. Thus, that means as 2018 turns into 2019, during the dark months of the year, we will have a new member in our labs and in front of our computers working with us as we continue to turn ancient bone into genomic data. It will be both inspiring and fun to have her here, and on top of that it is really nice when the first result from the applications turns out the way we wished for.

Reyhan Yaka