A new honorary dr. at Stockholm University

Today Ilga Zagorska visited Stockholm University, and the dept. Archaeology and classic studies. And for a very good reason. Ilga Zagorska is becoming an honorary dr. at our university. In this context she presented half a century of research on the site Zvejnieki, a burial site spanning from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age.


There is, of course, a reason why Ilga Zagorska is becoming an honorary dr. at Stockholm University. She has worked with people here for a several decades. Not least with Gunilla Eriksson at the Archaeological Research Laboratory, with whom Ilga Zagorska has kept a productive work-flow for two decades. It was fun to see all the work from these years summarized in the presentation. I think the honorary dr. title has been well deserved in this case.

Ilga Zagorska presenting