The ancient DNA community did not do so bad on the trail after all, or at least not those of us who eventually run. I got the worst cold on this side of the millennia-shift, Tom Gilbert needed to attend other businesses, and Love Dalén also had acceptable reasons for not running. But there were still several out there on the 30km of hills.


Ian Barnes and Alicia did a 15km version in the morning, on good times and without embarrassing the discipline. Remaining for the full 30km were Mehmet Somel and Dave Stanton. Both starting in some of the very last groups. I know Mehmet is decently fast, so I was not surprised seeing him finishing at 2.40, and ending up among the 15 fastest % in the race, even though starting among the 15 last %. But Dave, from now on he will not be allowed to do research, ever. He will compete for CpG! Starting in the very last group, and finishing at 2.08, among the best 1.5% of the race, he must have passed more than 2 runners / second (some 20.000 competed)! Thus, the best way to get research-fundings for us is most likely to have Dave compete in various races, and betting on him. So, sorry Dave, no more ABC modelling or simulations. I’m calling Love tonight to set up the most profitable racing-schedule.

Mehmet Somel running