“I will find a way and I will have you, You’re my obsession…”

Psychology is a funny thing. I keep hearing that if you are consumed by something, there are different ways to move on. Like refocus, or, as Oscar Wilde suggested, fall for the temptation. Anyway, one minor thing should be easy to get over. But this time of year, it is always the same for me. There is this small grant I was never able to get even though I applied for it numerous times. Like that thing I did not get as a kid why I have to get it as an adult.


And now it is that time of the year again. I thought I would be over it in an Oscar Wildeian sense, since I actually finally got it last year. (They probably got tired of all the applications I was sending in and hoped to get over me from their side this way…) It is a small grant, I have probably wasted so much more salary-money applying for this grant than what I can get from it. And there are so many other things I should be working on now. But I never got it as a kid, all other young researchers got it, but I never did. I just can’t let it pass without putting in an application. Again. I never got it as a kid, I will get it now and it will be beautiful…

Time to apply

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