Time for everything

Time is a funny thing. You always have a lot of it, except for today and maybe the coming two-three days, that are always over-booked. And it is always like that. Just a few days from now it does not seem to be so much, no matter when today is. And today is always over-booked. My theory is that the tasks change and grow and expand somehow as they get closer. I could just mention one example, one out of many. Giving a two-hour lecture in Uppsala in the morning, and yet one in Stockholm in the afternoon does not seem like any kind of problem. At least not when I agreed to it. However, yesterday, preparing two new lectures in the middle of the night (after everything else that did not seem so problematic a few weeks or months ago when I agreed to it), and crazy car-driving between Stockholm and Uppsala today and fiddling with projectors and cables and everything in two different towns seemed to be less “no problem” than what I agreed to. Time is a funny thing…

Lecturing on the history of racial biology in

Uppsala and human evolution in Stockholm

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