PGHP approaching the finals

The PGHP is now moving in to more human-related stuff, and although still being mainly focused on genetics on ancient material, diving into only one species provides for more variation within it. Mark Thomas has been a recurrent guest in Stockholm for various scientific activities lately, and here he is again, talking about cultural learning and models for cultural evolution. It is always fun to listen to Mark as he constantly finds new angles to approach problems, new ways in to the topics. Over the coming days we will also se Mattias Jakobsson, Pontus Skoglund, Torsten Günther, and Maja Krzewinska. Thus much ancient DNA. But also Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson and Anna Kjellström, with some non-genetic, or at least considerable less genetic lectures. And with Ludovic Orlando, Greger Larson, Martin Sikora, and Sven Isaksson coming up the week after next, we do have a beautiful “smorgasbord” with some delicious stuff awaiting.

Mark Thomas on cultural learning