Thanx and welcome

Due to a pretty bad case of over-booking my calendar I find myself trying to keep up with things rather than having time to write here what is happening. One thing I was planning on posting here was a ”welcome back” to Catarina Ginja, and also to welcome Silvia Guimaraes to her visit to the group, our friends from CIBIO-InBIO University of Porto. But as Catarina already did her weeks here and returned it is a little bit too late to welcome her and better to say thanx for the visit. Silvia, on the other hand, will be here for yet a few weeks. So, great to have you here Silvia. Cattle domestication was once my main occupation, and it is great to see that we still are at least a little bit engaged in this through the two of you.

Silvia Guimaraes