The national SciLife node for ancient DNA

One thing Mattias (Jakobsson) and I have been devoting time to is the ancient DNA service facility. “The Ancient DNA national facility” in the Science for Life laboratories (SciLife) organisation. It is now starting up. As I have described previously, it is a two-site platform, or will be. With one laboratory in Uppsala (that is the part that is now starting up), and one in Stockholm (at CPG, why the Stockholm-site will have to wait a few months till CPG is up and running). As far as I know this will be the first service facility for ancient DNA in the world.


Magnus Lundgren is currently building the organisation, but if you are an archaeologist with a bone material, and have questions regarding ancient DNA (maybe the sex of a material, or the species, or something else), you can already get in contact with him. I am sure there is a wide variety of things that can be done at such facility, but I am a trained archaeologist, why my vision is that the lesser complex analyses such as identification of sex and species will be as common and demanded in the future as C14 is in archaeology today.

Magnus Lundgren