A day in Copenhagen

Northern Europe is, for some reason, particularly compact in ancient DNA groups and facilities. In Stockholm we have two, and yet one in Uppsala. And you do not have to go far south to find yet more good aDNA groups. In Copenhagen much good work has been done, not least by Tom Gilberts group. Actually, to tie all these northern European people together (in this case those that work with more recent prehistory), Tom organized a meeting in Copenhagen. The purpose? To meet, discuss ongoing stuff, and see what we could collaborate around. Some 20-30 people showed up.


Small meetings like these are really good to get a sense for what is going on and where the field is heading. And judging from this meeting, we are heading for selection-studies and analyses based on IBD (identical by descent) elements. In all the short talks during the day, these where the two topics that kept coming back. And it makes sense, we have saturated the interest for demographic studies, published enough data to at least make it possible to start to think about selection, and IBD seems to hold some promises in analytical tools.

Agnar Helgason telling us about 160.000 typed Icelanders