ATLAS-days and Christmas-bugs

December is ATLAS-time, that is, time for our ATLAS-days. Those days when we get together and look over a few of our projects going on in Stockholm and Uppsala. And discuss them. And it does not hurt to have some Christmas food while we are at it. Christmas food and scientific discussions has proven to be a good combination, we have some experience of this by now. This Decembers ATLAS-days were in Nynäshamn.


This time it was all about the Neolithic period and much later historic periods. With some good presentations on what Fede, Luciana, Alexandra, Emrah, Ricardo, Anna, and Natalya are working on, and also some reports from the methods-section by Vendela and a description of the new aDNA service-facility by Magnus, we had a lot to discuss. And those discussions are important. They both provide working-hints for the researchers who are carrying out the projects, and spread information within the group. We also got a nice presentation by our guest Lars Einarsson from Kalmar County Museum. And this time we had even more sources of joy than the science and the food. We discovered a new Christmas creature. A few of the ladies at the conference center were dressed up in red cloaks and with Christmas-decorated small antennas. They became the “Christmas-bugs”, and the costumes were so entertaining that I may actually replace Santa for such Christmas-bug in my home.

The excursion was to the Jordbro burial site this time, the photo is Maja Krzewinskas, who is not on it since she took it.


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